Welcome to Zaley Designs!

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Zaley Designs started at my parents dining room table as a combination of our two dogs names at the time: Zeus + Bailey

I am a mom with 2 kids &
I have 3 incredible women that work with me to make this all happen.

Questions about ordering? I’m only a message away!


Zaley Designs is the proud owner of a LASER ENGRAVER!!!

Named Turbo because the first official buckle we engraved to ship was for a dog named TURBO 🐶

This laser is extra special and allows us to deep engrave with black text for ultimate durability & readability!

Our Endurance Collars come with engraving included & engraving can be added on as an upgrade to all of our other collars as well.

We make 3 levels of collars:

Let's find the best fit for your dog!

1) Our Premium Fabric Collars:

These are our bread and butter, they're what we started with & are so loved by our customers. They come in hundreds of designs & have tons of available upgrades.

They're made from cotton fabric on the outside & have multiple layers of special material inside to form a strap while remaining a soft and comfortable fit for your dog.

2) Our Endurance Collars + Leashes

Our Endurance collars are made from webbing (think the material typically used for leashes) and come in a variety of patterns, solid colors, and even reflective options.

These collars also come WITH engraving included so you can go tagless and be sure your dog always has their information on their collar even if a tag goes missing!

3) Our TITAN Collars

These are our TOUGHEST collars. These collars come in 12 exclusive designs and are made to be trimmed to size for the perfect fit.

They are perfect for messy pups, or humans wanting the easiest collar to wash.
They literally rinse clean & have no dry time because they're 100% waterproof!

Why Zaley Designs?

To be honest I've asked myself the same question.

Why Zaley Designs? How did I end up here?

I started Zaley Designs in the Summer of 2012 before my senior year of college. It was formed partially out of summer boredom & an absolute adoration for business.

Since it has evolved into something more. We are a lifestyle brand for dog moms. We aren't just a run of the mill pet brand. We seek to bring beautiful dog collars & leashes into your daily life that fit in with the asthetic you've so carefully created in your wardrobe, home & life.

Zaley (Zay-Lee) is a combination of my two dogs names at the time; Zeus & Bailey.

I dreamed of being a fashion designer as a kid, so I got close! I love Diet Coke, sprinkles, the color olive green, & all things space.

I’ve been marred to my sweet husband for 6 years, we have a one year old kiddo (affectionately known as the Baby Shark) who is the absolute best, & a sweet Pomeranian named Apollo.

Thank you for shopping small, supporting our family, the ladies who work with us, and making dreams come true!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm only a message away.

God’s Blessings, Brittany

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