Upgrade Any Collar to be Fi Compatible

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We can make Fi compatible collars for any fi device: 1, 2 or 3 - just select your device at checkout :)


*Fi device sold separately*
This collar upgrade does not include the Fi Smart Dog Activity Tracker. 

You must own a Fi device in order for this collar to work properly. 

Need a Fi Collar Set? Snag one at www.tryfi.com  

Upgrade any fabric collar or Endurance Collar to be Fi Compatible.
This listing cannot be purchased individually, it must be purchased with a collar.

Note: the sizing change with adding this option
The Fi changes how far the collar can adjust, so keep an eye on sizing. The sizing you select on this listing is the size we will make your collar.

The original fi device connectors are 1" wide, so for anything other than 1" wide straps on an original fi collar we'll use biothane to connect it together (i.e. for the 3/4" & 5/8" widths)

The new Fi 3 has 1" or 3/4" connectors, so we'll use those for those widths, and we'll use biothane to attach 3/4" connectors to a 5/8" strap for our smallest size.

No collar is indestructible, customers should check for wear and tear of their dog's collars and replace when necessary. It is the full responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the collar for their pet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Megan Marshall
Glad I made this purchase!

I'm so happy I decided to get such a cute, custom Fi collar for my Pomsky instead of just sticking with the common supplied Fi collar. She looks so cute wearing her Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich collar.

Khrystal Gargano
Great as always

Love it, definitely a must need if you have a Fi 2 system

Karen Jones Squires
Such a pretty fall collar!

Our Brittany loves to take off on her own to chase chipmunks, so keeping her in a Fi collar is really important. Being able to make any collar work with her tracker gives me a lot more choices. She looks terrific in her fall plaid!

Brandy Teague
I love this collar

Very quality good collar

Savannah Gilbo
Excellent! Pup Approved

Great option for the Fi collars! The Fi collars are heavy and not that cute, but the tracking part is awesome, so I was very happy to be able to trade out the stock collars (from Fi) for the collars from Zaley Designs. Thank you!