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Add a matching leash to your collar order!
or add a leash to match any of our fabric patterns.

The Hybrid Leash 2.0 comes as two pieces. (both included in this listing!) The handle & the webbing. This allows the user to purchase a leash {handle and webbing} and then as new collars are purchased they have the option to only purchase a handle to match rather than an entire new leash.

***This listing is for the entire leash system: handle & webbing***

#1: Leashes can last for years. There is no reason to throw a whole leash in the junk drawer when you want a new pattern. Now you can switch the handles and be good to go! Once you get a good collection of webbing pieces you'll be able to pair your handle with something to match every time you get a new one.

#2: It allows you to always have the matching leash without purchasing an entire new leash every time!

#3: They swivel! With both ends of the leash having a swivel snap hook your leash won't get twisted around nearly as easily.

#4: The fabric handle is more comfortable than a webbing handle+ it's adorable!

**to purchase just a handle: click here!
**to purchase just the webbing: click here!

These leashes can be made to match any collar in our shop {as long as the collar has a quantity listed of 2 or more in stock.} To order to match please specify which fabric to match in the notes at checkout. We have so many webbing options to match your fabric choice that there is usually one that compliments perfectly. Don't know which webbing to choose? Select the "choose for me" option.

Why are these leashes superior to all fabric leashes?
Because all dogs are unique in how tough they are on a leash and this leash will stand up to dogs who pull harder, sometimes drag their leash on abrasive surfaces, play in the mud, walk in the rain etc.

Why are these leashes superior to all webbing leashes?
The Hybrid 2.0 Leash is the best compromise between you and your dog. This leash allows the user to have a soft fashionable handle and the dog to have something that's up to the job of taking care of well... a dog.

The handle is created with a heavy-duty stabilizer sewn inside just like our collars, the leash is fashioned with high quality, heavy nylon webbing (not that plasticy feeling webbing}, and finished with strong metal hardware.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

**Note that all leashes are created by hand and therefore no two are exactly alike. These are custom-made-to-order leashes, and I ask for your understanding that there may be slight differences from what is shown in the photos. All monitors are calibrated differently and colors can vary slightly from those shown.

**Please note that the lime green is indeed lime green- NOT mint**

**No leash is indestructible, please be mindful and check for wear and tear of your dogs leash and replace when necessary. Upon receiving the leash its use is in the full responsibility of the customer. It is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of the leash per their pet.

Leash Design: Zaley Designs. Developed Jan. 2015

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Rachel Piatt
Love it!!

Beautiful collar and leash!!