Zaley Designs - Decade 2 - REBRAND

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Zaley Designs - Decade 2 - REBRAND

It’s HERE!!

Welcome to Zaley Designs decade 2!

I’d like to formally introduce you to our new branding and truly our step into the next phase of Zaley Designs.

New Logo, New Packaging, New Tagline, New Tags, & Official Branding Colors

Most importantly what does this mean for YOU & your dog(s).

Over the last two years Zaley Designs has been undergoing a massive internal shift to support growth & build a foundation for the vision I’ve gained for this company.

A vision that believes that your dog deserves a collar as absolutely awesome as they are!

From fashion fabric collars, to our personalized webbing endurance collars, and all the way to waterproof collars we fully stand behind the statement that no matter what kind of dog you have or what kind of lifestyle they live, they don’t have to have a boring collar. They deserve the BEST because they are the best!

Stepping into this next phase we’re hard at work at creating more and more of our very own unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Winter/Christmas Collection will center around 8 brand new unique patterns that are all our own.

This Fall we’ve got 1 exclusively illustrated Halloween Trucks design & paw print leopard coming & I can’t wait to see your pups rocking them!

We invested in a laser to not only speed up our personalization turn around times, but upleveled our offering by adding personalization that was deep engraved for durability & black text for ultimate readability.

We are focusing hard on wholesale with the goal to bring more of our products into stores closer and closer to you where you can see and experience our products and help new dog owners discover that there are more options than standard dog collars for their dogs.

Our original logo was sketched at my parents dining room table in the Summer of 2012, it was time to take it to a professional & step into branding that fit who we’ve become and carry us into the dreams we have for the future!

As always, thank you for being the best part of Zaley Designs! I can’t wait to head into this next decade together!